Add value to your degree through IU’s Language Flagship programs

Indiana University’s Flagship Programs in Arabic, Chinese, and Russian are designed to be flexible, allowing students to major in any of IU's fields of study while gaining proficiency in languages critical to US security, business, and other sectors.

The Language Flagship is an innovative language-learning initiative that incorporates advanced language study, international internships, and study abroad. Students complete our programs with professional language proficiency and work in diverse fields like business, government, arts, and nonprofits.

The Arabic and Chinese Flagships, housed in the Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies, as well as the Russian Flagship, which is supported by IU's College of Arts and Sciences, enable students to graduate with the skills needed to succeed in an increasingly globalized world.

Learn more about our passionate students, scholarship opportunities, dedicated faculty, and innovative programs that represent the next wave of language education.

Our Flagships

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Arabic Flagship

Spoken throughout Northern Africa and the Middle East, Arabic is a critical language that is important for contemporary diplomacy as well as understanding the fascinating history of this diverse region. Study Arabic and join a world of over 200 million native speakers while preparing for careers in fields like business, diplomacy, foreign aid, intelligence and more.

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Chinese Flagship

Study the language of the world’s oldest continuous major civilization, which is also today’s fastest-growing economy. Chinese Flagship offers students the opportunity to attain professional-level language proficiency through classroom learning, extracurricular activities, and overseas study, including an entire year in China or Taiwan.

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Russian Flagship

With over 265,000,000 speakers worldwide, the largest native language in Europe, and a critical language for the U.S. government, Russian is the gateway language to rich cultural experiences and diverse global career opportunities in both the public and private sectors. Join the Russian Flagship and start preparing for your future in business, foreign policy, national security, or education.

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